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Ushering in the Future of NK-cell Therapy


Natural killer (NK) cells have long been known to play a significant role in the body’s innate immune response. They were first described in the 1970s, but only in the last 15 years has significant progress been made in understanding the complexities and therapeutic potential these cells offer in helping fight cancer and other diseases. Today, we know that NK cells not only detect and identify malignant cancer cells, but they also induce cancer cell death and even help trigger a broader adaptive immune response in order to fully engage and fight tumor cells.

Our technology builds on decades of fundamental research to lead today’s field of NK-cell therapy. Our unique nanoparticle processing technology enables improved and sustained growth of high-dose NK cells that have a broad repertoire of “killer” anti-cancer functions, creating an immuno-oncology platform with the potential to address some of today’s most difficult cancers. The NK-cell technology platform

Clinical studies have shown that high doses of NK cells infused as an adoptive immunotherapy can reduce residual disease and strengthen the body’s ability to fight cancer.

Technology – The NK-cell technology platform